Tumbo Takeoff Timmy


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    • EASY TO LAUNCH PLUSH/ RUBBER TOY – Tumbo Take-Off Timmy orange fox is your small doggies new best friend when it comes to fetching fun indoors and out. This fetching dog toy easily launching up to 60 feet with nothing but a thumbs up! Simply insert your thumb into the Tumbo pouch, pull back while gripping the inner rubber core’s T shape, and release at the desired amount of pull. He will “take-off” in flight for your dog to chase down, over and over again.
    • DURABLE RUBBER CORE – The strong inner rubber “T” core provides a perfect handle to grip while launching, as well as protecting the inner launch bands when he is not flying through the air. Dogs love chewing and stretch bands need to be protected! The inner core and all the plush jackets are sold separately as well.
    • TIMMY HAS SQUEAKERS – Dogs love plush toys and they love squeakers even more! Do not worry about stuffing getting everywhere because the take-off line is stuffed with a strong rubber core made to be chewed on by your smaller dogs. Each foot and tail is stuffed with a squeaker to make it that much more fun for your four legged friends.
    • REPLACEABLE JACKETS – Doggies love chewing and we all know plush toys can tear apart eventually. We built the Take-off line to have removeable and replaceable jackets over the launching “T” rubber core. Easy to change out, hand wash, or replace if needed so you can get a long life out of your dog’s favorite launch toy.
    • COLLECT ALL THREE – Timmy is the gang leader of the Take-Off family. He is a fast and courageous orange fox. Toby the green frog is the brains of the operation and can jump and fly high often trying to hide from your dogs in grassy areas as he can blend right in. The ever so majestic white unicorn named Tammy is a magical creature that is as beautiful as she is mysterious. Collect all three to mix things up. Keep your eye out for more Take-Off animals in the future!