Tumbo Stretch Aerial Trolley (Up to 200ft)


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    We have combined the best weather resistant materials, a range of easily adjustable options for trolley length, and a specialized anti-shock lead line that helps protect your dog from sharp impacts when reaching the end of the line. This special lead line also dramatically reduces the line becoming tangled around objects due to its ability to extend and retract as the dog moves around.

    • Quick, easy installation
    • Secure, anti-shock, tangle-free lead line
    • Durable corrosion resistant components
    • One piece solid aluminum slider (no moving parts to rust or bind up)
    • Detachable cable leash
    • Several lengths to choose from
    • Slider stops included to limit the travel if needed

    Durability: All of the metal components used in this trolley are Aluminum, galvanized steel, or stainless steel. The bungee portion of the lead line is protected within a protective sheath that shields it from the damaging rays of the sun. The bungee as a whole is then further protected with a plastic coated steel coiled cable that fully wraps its entire length.  This lead offers the strength and reliability of a cable or chain line with the ability to offer a softer cushion for your dog and help prevent harsh impacts.  The lead line also has a 3 foot removable leash to allow you to keep the dog tethered after unhooking from the trolley to walk them to the house or to take them on a walk.

    Safety factor:  The bungee lead line gradually becomes harder to pull as it extends to its over 14 feet of capable length and naturally slows the dog down before a rough impact on their collar or harness.  If you have ever seen a dog run right up to the end of a regular loose chain or cable, then you have seen what a rough thing this can be on a pet’s neck and/or body.  With the included leash attached, your dog can roam over 17 feet from the cable in each direction giving a huge area of travel throughout the yard.

    Ease of installation:  Our trolleys are available in 4 different cable lengths (50, 75,100 and 150 foot lengths) to offer a wide range to fit most yards.  Each size is also fully adjustable to be any size less than the maximum length due to our specialized cable tensioning device.  All you have to figure out is where you want to hang it and measure that distance.  Just make sure to order the size that is slightly longer than your distance so you are sure to have a fit.  It’s even easy to take down and hang it somewhere else if you ever need to move its location.  Our tensioning device allows for quick one person installation and will get the line super tight with zero slack!  No more saggy lines from using the standard U-bolts most trolleys are supplied with.

    All of these things add up to a strong, durable, long lasting tie out system that is easy for you to install and safe for your pet.

    We have also recently added a travel version of the trolley that uses a lightweight but very strong Kevlar rope instead of the steel cable.  It’s great to take on camp outs, to the park for a day, or anywhere you may need to secure your pet away from home . It comes with a kite style rope winder to keep the rope tangle free when not in use and also a carry bag to keep all the components in.

    Additional information

    Weight 5 lbs
    Dimensions 4.5 × 9 × 6.5 in