Solo Slinger w/ Trolley


This is our most interactive toy to date.



    The Solo Slinger™ is built tough using the best materials for tough outdoor environments and even tougher dogs! If you have a dog with a ton of energy and craves playtime, this might be the one for you! Like our trolley containment system, this toy’s foundation is a cable line set up between two strong connection points like trees, fence posts, a corner of your house to name a few.

    Thanks to our specialized cable tensioning device, the length of the toy is adjustable from 35-50 feet so you don’t need to worry about having the perfect distance. Once the cable line is set up it’s just a matter of attaching the special bungee lines and the hanging toy. This toy works by having two bungee lines attached to a center slider that we call the slinger.

    The slinger has the 5 foot long heavy duty rope toy hanging from it so they can both slide along the cable from side to side.  Once the toy is pulled to either side and released, it will automatically return to the center point utilizing the power of the bungees.  It’s like tug of war and a game of fetch all in one.

    Your dog will run, jump and pull to its hearts content while playing with the Solo Slinger™. It’s a workout that your dog will love and it was designed to offer the dog extended play time even when you are not available to join in.

    The Solo Slinger™ is always hanging waiting for your dog 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  It’s hanging up so it stays clean and it never gets lost in the bushes. You dog can rely on the Solo Slinger™ being there day in and day out and you can rely on the well-made components to last many years.

    Additional information

    Weight 7.10 lbs
    Dimensions 10 × 6 × 10 in