Paw+ Paw Cleanser

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Paw+ is specially formulated to target your dog’s itchy, irritated paws. The deep cleansing abilities of Paw+ will help stop the constant licking and biting, bringing soothing relief to your dog’s discomfort. Paw+ is fortified with vitamin E and a moisturizer to further protect the health of your dog’s paws.

DIRECTIONS: Paw+ is a concentrated formula and MUST BE DILUTED WITH WATER. In a container big enough to fit one of your dog’s paws, mix ½ cup of Paw+ with 1 ½ cups of warm water. Soak each paw in the container for 10-15 seconds then lightly pat dry. Repeat daily for 3 days.
For best results do not wash your dog with soap or shampoo 3 days before or after application. It is safe for your dog to lick its paws after the application. For ongoing maintenance continue to apply once a week or as needed to help keep your dog’s paws healthy.

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