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Hyperflite’s patented canine competition discs were designed to meet the evolving needs of the modern canine athlete. Whether you seek an ultra-tough disc for your tough-biting monster, a soft disc for your older canine or puppy, or even a cold weather disc for winter play, Hyperfilte has the disc you need


Hyperflite canine discs are available in three sizes. Classic style discs are 9.25″ in diameter (and weigh between 114-155 grams depending upon the model selected). Full-size discs are 8.75″ in diameter (and weigh between 105-145 grams depending upon the model selected), while our Pup discs, for smaller canines, are 7″ in diameter (and weigh between 70-85 grams).


The K-10 design incorporated a number of improvements over existing canine competition discs including reinforced high-stress areas, aerodynamic improvements for ultra-long flights, and low-profile opposed grip surfaces that don’t retain grit and dirt, which can damage canine teeth. In recognition of Hyperflite’s quantum leap in canine disc technology, U.S. Patent No. 6,887,119 was issued, representing the first patent ever issued for a flying disc designed specifically for use in canine competition.


The latest Hyperflite innovation, known as X-Flash™ technology, was the product of several years of hard work and experimentation. But, it might not have happened at all were it not for a happy coincidence. In essence, the discovery of the “sunflash” phenomenon (more about that later), which ultimately resulted in the development of X-Flash™ technology, was a bit like the proverbial Newton’s Apple. But before Sir Isaac Newton was bonked on his noggin by a “Granny Smith,” thousands before him were likely similarly thumped. They just didn’t put two and two together. Fortunately, when the apple finally fell on Hyperflite Co-founder, Jeff Perry, he, like Newton, knew what to do with it.


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Hyperflite Pup Discs

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